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Torque Calibration

Routine torque calibration ensures repeatable accuracy, compliance to international standards, and peak operating performance. Regular preventative maintenance can also help identify potential tool deficiencies that may affect the quality of manufacturing.

Quality Testing Services, Inc. recognizes that proper maintainability of torque operations is imperative for product efficacy and production efficiency, that could mean the difference between a safe, reliable product and impending disaster.

Threaded fasteners are designed to connect parts with a tension greater than the external forces tending to separate them. An inadequately torqued fastener can vibrate or work itself loose if the tension is too high, the fastener can shear or strip its threads.

It is imperative to have reliable, accurate torque calibration to properly tighten fasteners in accordance with applicable design specifications. Fastener reliability is dependent upon the correct initial tension applied. If the initial tension is too low, varying loads act on the fastener and can quickly lose tension and fail. Conversely, if the initial tension is too high, over tightening may cause the fastener to fail. The most practical method of ensuring the correct torque is applied, is through the use of routinely calibrated torque tools.

At Quality Testing Services, we realize the performance and accuracy of your torque drivers and torque wrenches is critical to your organizations’ success. That’s why our accredited calibration laboratory performs torque calibration in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI Z-540-1994 as defined under our A2LA Scope of Accreditation. We pride ourselves on providing expert torque calibration aimed to ensure your torque tools and equipment perform accurately within specified tolerances, and maintain traceability to NIST or international standards.
Over time, the accuracy of torque tools tends to drift, typically due to harsh operating environments, mechanical shock, or extensive use. Maintaining established calibration intervals is vital to ensure your torque tools and equipment meet specified tolerance limits.

Quality Testing Services provides Torque Calibration services, including: Torque wrenches, torque screw drivers, and torque power drivers, from 100 to 250 lbf.in. and 60 to 600 lbf.ft. If there are torque tools or equipment that you would like calibrated, please ask, we may already do it or would like to start. Ask us about coming to your facility to perform the calibrations.

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