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NDT Level 3 Consulting

Since our inception in 1993, Quality Testing Services, Inc. has earned an exceptional reputation for integrity, knowledge and innovative solutions. Our expertise and breadth of experience in nondestructive testing (NDT) is second to none. As an independent third-party NDT Testing Lab, we provide NDT Level 3 Consulting services to leading organizations throughout the Aerospace, Railcar, Transportation, Energy, Fabrication and many other industries.

At Quality Testing Services, we continually explore new technologies that can help you be successful. We provide real solutions to real problems through research and refinement of our NDT techniques and methods while maintaining compliance with the latest standards and use of advanced technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete array of support covering all aspects of nondestructive testing.

We have built our business on the principle of placing the needs of our customer first. This has allowed us to focus on developing state-of-the-art NDT inspection capabilities, advanced NDT training, and high-level expertise in most NDT methods. With our NDT Level 3 Consulting services, you have the knowledge and security of working with professionals who understand how to provide solutions that meet your NDT needs.

“A general definition of nondestructive testing (NDT) is an examination, test, or evaluation performed on any type of test object without changing or altering that object in any way, in order to determine the absence or presence of conditions or discontinuities that may have an effect on the usefulness or serviceability of that object.”

Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
by Charles J. Hellier

As a Nadcap™ Accredited Nondestructive Testing Lab, and ASNT Authorized Examination Center (AEC), Quality Testing Services provides NDT Level 3 Consulting services encompassing a broad spectrum of nondestructive testing initiatives, including;

  • Design a cost-effective approach for special NDT processes to support quality requirements and continuous improvement objectives.
  • Conduct in-depth, highly technical, special process audits to ensure conformance with prescribed specifications.
  • Potential cost reductions through improved standardization of NDT Techniques.
  • Gain tighter controls within special processes though in-depth knowledge and application of NDT Methods.
  • Utilization of technical expert NDT auditors to assure quality compliance and process conformity.
  • Improvement of quality control through stringent oversight of NDT procedures and processes.
  • Maximize realization of Return On Investment (ROI) through NDT Program Gap Assessment.

Our NDT Level 3 Consulting services are developed to provide resources to supplement and enhance your NDT Program. Our staff includes personnel certified in numerous NDT methods and certified Level 3 instructors and consultants. As your Level 3 NDT Consultant, it is our privilege to serve as your trusted professional advisor to provide non-biased observations and recommendations. Let the NDT professionals at Quality Testing Services, Inc. be your NDT Level 3 Consultant.

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