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NDT Certification Examinations

For nearly half a century, ASNT Certification has been the most recognized credential for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) professionals, and has set the standard for the nondestructive testing industry as an impartial validation of the competence of NDT personnel. Quality Testing Services, Inc. is an ASNT Authorized Examination Center (AEC) who can proctor most ASNT Examinations including IRRSP.

Quality Testing Services, Inc. also provides third-party formal Classroom Training, written procedures and practices, and Qualification Examinations developed to assist employers in the process of certifying of their personnel.

Many employers and NDT candidates may have a misconception that upon completion of an NDT course(s) a student becomes certified in an NDT method. However, the course only satisfies the formal Classroom Training requirement in the multistep certification process.

To become certified in an NDT method, the following criteria must be completed:

  1. Formal Classroom Training – As provided by Quality Testing Services, Inc. in accordance with your company’s requirements.
  2. Documented Experience – Acquired by working on the job with a Certified Level 2 or 3 in the NDT method for which certification is sought, plus overall experience in NDT.
  3. Demonstrated Knowledge – personnel demonstrate their knowledge by taking two written examinations and one operational examination:
    1. General Exam – Designed to test inspection personnel’s general knowledge in the theory of the NDT method.
    2. Specific Exam – Designed to test inspection personnel’s ability to apply knowledge of procedures, specifications, codes and the NDT equipment utilized by the employer.
    3. Practical Examination – Designed to test inspection personnel’s ability to properly use NDT equipment, accurately perform required test(s) and evaluate test samples for acceptability.
  4. Vision Examination – An annual vision exam designed to test the visual acuity and color perception (when required) of inspection personnel.

Employer vs Third Party

Employer Qualification Examinations:

Employers are responsible for training, qualification examinations, experience, documentation and other areas. However, an employer may accept formal classroom training and NDT qualification examination services provided by a qualified third-party if the employer has determined that the content of those services meet their company requirements as described in their Written Practice.

An employer may issue a formal certificate and authorize their personnel to perform NDT method(s) upon review and acceptance of qualification criteria. Because employer-based certification is tailored to an employer’s specific application, the employer is responsible for authorizing their personnel to perform work. In this case, should the employee leaves the company that issued the certification, the resulting certification(s) are terminated.

Third Party Qualification Examinations:

Qualification examinations may be administered by an independent third-party. Candidates must provide documentation of training and experience and a certificate may be issued by the employer if the NDT Qualification Examination is successfully completed.

Quality Testing Services – Third-Party NDT Certification Examination services

Quality Testing Services may act as an employers’ independent Third-Party to conduct NDT Qualification Examinations saving employers countless hours of development time and expense. Employers can take advantage of Quality Testing Services years of experience in the development and creation of valid and reliable NDT Qualification Examinations, written for your specific requirements. Our ASNT NDT Level 3 professionals apply advanced technical writing techniques and test evaluation criteria for written examinations to ensure the content addresses the test methods, techniques, codes and specifications that the candidate may encounter during typical work assignments.

Our NDT Qualification Examinations are developed in accordance with ASNT CP-189, SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410 NAVSEA NSTP-271, AAR C-III, M-1002 Manual Appendix T, among others, for certifying personnel to Level 1, 2 or 3 to provide fair and valid test results. Following development, Quality Testing Services can administer the exams for the employer/client for an initial certification or re-certification.

For more information on NDT Certification Examinations requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our Training department at 314-770-0607 or email at: