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Ultrasonic Gantry System

Ultrasonic Gantry System, also known as a “Squirter or bubbler system” is a Nondestructive Testing (NDT) advanced technology for characterizing the surface and internal structure of composite or laminated materials through the use of high frequency sound waves. The Ultrasonic Gantry System is well-established as a safe and effective, NDT technique designed to inspect a large compliment of part geometries, such as aircraft control surfaces, wings, rudders, doors, as well as contoured fuselage and cabin components.

At Quality Testing Services, Inc., we specialize in Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of large Aerospace components in accordance with Boeing, Nondestructive Inspection of Composite Parts–Structures, (BAC 5980), NDI of Adhesive Bonds, (BAC 5968), and Bombardier, Ultrasonic Inspection of Composite Components, (BAPS 176-018) specifications, and others.

Our automated Ultrasonic Gantry System is a super-sized, industrial 7-Axis Gantry Squirter scanning system, designed for non-contact, ultrasonic raster scanning of large structures, components, and parts. The high-precision Ultrasonic Gantry System employs a CNC controlled, articulating water jet coupling scanning system capable of generating finely detailed 2D digital images of the internal structure of materials to detect hidden flaws or defects in both raw materials and finished parts. The system incorporates state of the art Multi-Axis motion control system, and data acquisition software, designed to produce high speed A and C scans in X-Y-Z axis, and 360 Degree rotational axis using a high capacity precision Turn Table.

Quality Testing Services’ highly trained and experienced, Certified UT inspectors use ultrasonic testing techniques to propagate high frequency sound waves through solid materials to measure thickness, analyze properties, and detect corrosion, hidden cracks, voids, porosity, and other internal discontinuities in metals, composites, laminated metals, plastics, and ceramics. Our Ultrasonic Gantry system is specifically designed for critical composite, laminated or honeycomb parts to:

  • Detect potential bond integrity flaws.
  • Examine of both surface and subsurface for defects.
  • Characterize the surface and internal structure.
  • Provide highly repeatable and reliable detection of discontinuity size and shape.
  • Detect hidden cracks, voids, or porosity flaws.
  • Create detailed 2D images for documented results.

Some of the benefits of our Ultrasonic Gantry system, include:

  • Nondestructive and does not damage the test material.
  • Does not require the test material to be cut, or sectioned.
  • Does not expose the test material to damaging chemicals.
  • Provides instantaneous results.
  • Presents no potential health hazards.

As a recognized leader in Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Quality Testing Services, Inc. retains accreditation and certifications, including Nadcap™ AC 7004, Aerospace Quality System, Nadcap™ Nondestructive Testing. Quality Testing Services is also recognized as a Boeing approved supplier under the Boeing Approved Process Sources D1-4426 for Nondestructive Testing services, and is an FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

At Quality Testing Services, our Certified UT inspectors provide comprehensive ultrasonic testing services to a wide range of industries and applications. Call us today to discuss your ultrasonic inspection requirements

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