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Ultrasonic Immersion Tank System

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) utilizing an Immersion Tank system is a Nondestructive Testing (NDT) advanced technology for characterizing the internal structure of materials through the use of high frequency sound waves through water. The Ultrasonic Immersion Tank System is well-established as a safe, reliable, and accurate NDT technique designed to inspect critical materials and components.
Quality Testing Services’ ultrasonic immersion tank system utilizes the Immersion Method (Type I), which differs from the Contact Method (Type II) by fully submerging the transducer and material under water to provide constant ultrasonic coupling which improves sound waves traveling from the transducer to the material under test, allowing increased scanning speeds, while maintaining a consistent water path.

Quality Testing Services` automated Ultrasonic Immersion Tank System consists of a large 4-Axis, high-performance immersion tank scanning system designed with a precision scanning frame for demanding nondestructive ultrasonic testing applications. The computer-controlled scanning system and comprehensive data acquisition software can produce accurate, high-speed A and C scans.
At Quality Testing Services, Inc., we specialize in Ultrasonic Testing of large raw stock flat materials such as plate and sheet stock, and also utilize a bar rotator to accommodate disc, round billet, cylindrical rods, shafts, bar and tubing in accordance with Boeing specifications to include BSS 7055, BSS 7052, BAC 5439, PS 21211, BAC 5439-2, and other industry specifications such as MIL-STD-2154, AMS-STD-2154, AMS-2632 and others.

Quality Testing Services’ highly trained and experienced certified UT inspectors use ultrasonic testing techniques to propagate high frequency sound waves through materials to detect internal discontinuities in metals and some non-metals. Our Ultrasonic Immersion Tank System is specifically designed for NDT of materials to:

  • Detect discontinuities in forgings, castings and wrought materials such as pipe, shrinkage, inclusions, segregation, porosity, surface defects, forming defects, cracks, laps, seams and more
  • Examination of both surface and subsurface for discontinuities
  • Provide highly repeatable and reliable detection of discontinuity size and shape
  • Provide detailed C-Scan images for documented results
    Some of the benefits of our Ultrasonic Immersion Tank System, include:

  • Nondestructive and will not damage the test material
  • Does not expose the test material to damaging chemicals
  • Provides instantaneous results
  • Presents no potential health hazards

As a recognized leader in Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Quality Testing Services, Inc. retains accreditation and certifications, including Nadcap™ Nondestructive Testing. Quality Testing Services is also recognized as a Boeing approved supplier under the Boeing Approved Process Sources D1-4426 for Ultrasonic Testing, and is an FAA Part 145 Repair Station QT9R249N for Ultrasonic Testing in accordance with the Ratings and Limitations as listed on the Operations Specifications.
At Quality Testing Services, our Certified UT inspectors provide comprehensive ultrasonic testing services to a wide range of industries and applications. Call us today to discuss your ultrasonic inspection requirements at 314-770-0607, or email Eric Palmer at ep@qualitytesting.com.