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Certified Weld Inspection Prep Course

Course Description:
This course is designed to meet the industrial qualification requirements for Certified Welding Inspector. This certification is used to perform inspections or to verify that the work inspected and records maintained, conform to the requirements of the applicable standards and perform all WI duties listed in AWS specifications. In addition, the CWI shall be able to certify the qualifications of welders to various codes and specifications. The training covers written instructions used by the employer and interpretation of indications. The course satisfies the training hours required for certification in accordance with AWS.

Duration: 40 Total Hours

Course Outline:

  1. Personnel Requirements a.AWS QC1:2007
  2. Basic Theory / Fundamentals / Technical Theory / Method
    1. The Welding Inspector
    2. Welding Inspector Responsibilities
      1. Before Welding Responsibilities
      2. During Welding Responsibilities
      3. After Welding Responsibilities
    3. Safety
  3. Codes / Standards / Applicable Specifications
  4. Weld Geometry & Welding Terminology
  5. Welding & NDE Symbols
  6. Weldability, Welding Metallurgy & Welding Chemistry
  7. Destructive Testing
  8. Metric Conversion
  9. Welding Brazing, & Cutting Processes
  10. Cutting Processes
  11. Weld & Base Metal Discontinuities
  12. NDE Processes
  13. Inspection Reports
  14. Training References
    1. AWS QC1:2007

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Prerequisite: None.

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