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Eddy Current Examination Method
Level 2

Course Description:
This course is designed to meet the industrial qualification requirements for Eddy Current Examination. This examination is used to locate surface and subsurface discontinuities in conductive materials. The method is also capable of detecting changes in size, dimension, or conductivity of the test part. This method is used to locate discontinuities including inherent, processing, and service discontinuities. The training covers basic theory, test principles, products, equipment operation and standardization, safety operating procedures, applicable techniques, applicable specifications, codes and written instructions used by the employer an interpretation of indications. This course satisfies the training hours needed for Level II certification in accordance with SNT-TC-1A , CP-189 and NAS-410.

Duration: 40 Total Hours

Course Outline:

  1. Personnel Requirements
  2. Fundamentals
    1. Generation of Eddy Currents
    2. Field Intensity
    3. Current Density
    4. Current Magnitude
    5. Phase / Amplitude Relationships
    6. Current / Time Relationships
    7. Coupling
  3. Test Coil Arrangements
    1. Absolute
    2. Differential
  4. Test Coil Design
  5. Effects of test Object on Probe
    1. Conductivity
    2. Permeability
    3. Skin Effect
    4. Edge Effect
    5. Lift-Off
    6. Fill Factor
    7. Discontinuities
    8. Signal to Noise Ratio
  6. Selection of Test Parameters
  7. Instrument Systems
  8. Read-out Mechanisms
  9. Applications
    1. Measurement of Material Properties
    2. Dimensional Measurements
    3. Discontinuity Detection
  10. Codes / Specifications / Procedures
  11. Hands-On
  12. Exams
  13. Training References
    1. Nondestructive Testing Handbook
    2. Basic Principles and Techniques of Eddy Current Testing, Nondestructive Testing, Vol. XIV
    3. Fundamentals of Eddy Current Testing, D. J. Hagemaier
    4. Eddy Current Testing Programmed Instruction Handbook, Vol. 2

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Prerequisite: Eddy Current Examination Method Level 1.

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