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Radiographic Testing Level 3 Refresher

Course Description
This course is designed to meet the industrial qualification requirement for Radiographic Testing. It will provide basic and advanced information to prepare participants for Level 3 duties as well as examination preparation. This class will provide 40 hours of classroom training in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, and NAS 410 certification requirements.

Course Outline

  • Principles / Theory
    • Nature of penetrating radiation
    • Interaction between penetrating radiation and matter
    • Radiology overview
  • Equipment / Materials
    • Electrically generated sources
    • Isotope sources
    • Radiation detection overview
    • Manipulators
    • Visual perception
  • Safety and Health
    • Exposure hazards
    • Methods of controlling radiation exposure
    • Operational and emergency procedures
    • Dosimetry and film badges
    • Gamma leak testing
    • Transportation regulations

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