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Magnetic Particle Examination Method

Level 1 and 2

Course Description

This course is designed to meet the industrial qualification requirements for Magnetic Particle Examination. This method is used to locate surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferrous materials. The examination is used to locate discontinuities including inherent, processing, and service discontinuities. The training covers written instructions used by the employer and interpretation of indications. The course satisfies training hours required for both Level 1 and Level 2 certification in accordance with SNT-TC-1A , CP-189 and NAS-410.

Duration: 32 Total Hours

Course Outline

  1. Personnel Requirements
  2. Basic Theory / Fundamentals / Technical Theory / Method
    1. Magnetic Materials
    2. Electrically Induced Magnetic Fields
    3. Hysteresis Loop
    4. Circular & Longitudinal Magnetization
    5. Field Distribution in Conductors
    6. Magnetic Field Characteristics
    7. Current Requirements
    8. Demagnetization
    9. Testing Principles, including choice of NDT methods, relevance to different materials and part and test variables
    10. Equipment
    11. Mediums
    12. Defect Classification
    13. Preservation of Indications
    14. Product Forms and Materials; Defect Formation and characterization
    15. Importance of Process Controls
    16. Safety
    17. Importance of Appropriate Processing Steps and Parameters
    18. Limitations and Capabilities of Each Method and Technique
    19. Applicable Techniques and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
  3. Applicable Specifications / Codes / Operating Procedures and Work Instructions
  4. Hands-on Inspection of Actual Parts
  5. Sample Exams/Review
  6. Actual Exams
  7. Training References
    1. Principles of Magnetic Particle Testing, Carl E. Betz, 1st Edition, published by Magnaflux Corporation
    2. Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Vol. 6, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0-931403-03-0
    3. Magnetic Particle Testing: Classroom Training Handbook, Gordon Smith; ISBN 1-57117-118-5
    4. Metal Handbook, Vol. 17, 9th Edition, published by ASM International
    5. Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol. 03.03, Nondestructive Testing, published by ASTM International


Class size is limited. This allows for maximum utilization of course time, hands on instruction, and equipment.
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High school physics and algebra helpful but not required.

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