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Radiation Safety

Course Description:
This course is designed to meet the industrial qualification requirements for Radiation Safety. The training covers basic theory, test principles, products, equipment operation and standardization, safety, operating procedures, applicable techniques, applicable specifications, codes and written
instructions used by the employer and interpretation of indications.

Duration: 40 Total Hours

Course Outline:

  1. Personnel Requirements
  2. Fundamentals:
    1. Characteristics of gamma radiation
    2. Units of radiation dose and quantity of radioactivity
    3. Hazards of exposure to radiation
    4. Levels of radiation from licensed material
    5. Methods of controlling radiation dose (time, distance and shielding)
  3. Radiation detection instruments
    1. Use, operation, calibration and limitations of radiation survey instruments
    2. Survey techniques
    3. Use of personnel monitoring equipment
  4. Equipment to be used
    1. Operation and control of radiographic exposure equipment, remote handling equipment, and storage containers, including pictures or models of source assemblies (pigtails).
    2. Storage, control and disposal of licensed material
    3. Inspection and maintenance of equipment
  5. Federal Requirements
    1. Part 19
    2. Part 20
    3. Part 21
    4. Part 30
    5. Part 34
    6. Part 37
  6. Part 71 case histories of accidents in radiography
  7. Codes / Specifications / Procedures
  8. Training References
    1. Working Safely in Gamma Radiography
    2. Gamma Radiography, Radiation Safety Handbook, Amersham
    3. Gamma Radiation Safety Study Guide, 2nd Edition

Registration: Class size is limited. This allows for maximum utilization of course time, hands on instruction, and equipment.
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Prerequisite: None.

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