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Film Interpretation

Course Description

A course designed for inspectors, engineers, company representatives and x-ray technicians who desire formal training in the interpretation of radiographs. The Course provides basic knowledge into how to effectively interpret radiographs of weldments and castings. Emphasis is placed on the radiographic image quality requirements of codes and specifications. This course utilizes classroom instruction and allows for hands on application in the review of radiographic film.

24 Total Hours

Course Outline

  1. Personnel Requirements
  2. Basic Principles of Radiography / History of Radiation
    1. Exposure Devices
    2. Indications, Discontinuities and Defects vs. Radiography
  3. Image Quality & Detail Visibility
    1. film graininess
    2. sensitivity; contrast, definition
    3. penetrameters
    4. geometric unsharpness
    5. film types and speeds
    6. density
  4. Unsatisfactory Radiographs: Causes and Cures
  5. Film Processing and Process control
  6. Part / Source / Film Arrangement
  7. Film Interpretation
  8. Health & Safety
  9. Applicable Techniques / Codes / Specifications / Procedures / Acceptance Criteria / Reference Radiographs in use at the facility
  10. Training References:
    1. NDT Handbook, 1st Edition, Robert C. McMaster
    2. Nondestructive Testing, 2nd Edition
    3. Annual book of ASTM Standards
    4. Radiographic Testing Classroom Training Handbook

Class size is limited. This allows for maximum utilization of course time, hands on instruction and equipment. Enroll Now

High school physics and algebra helpful but not required.

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